Formation Of Adjectives.

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How adjectives are formed?
Here you will learn adjectives are formed from nouns, verbs and other adjectives.
1. Many adjectives are formed from Nouns.
   Nouns                 Adjectives                                Noun                         Adjective
   Boy                     Boyish                                        Dirt                            dirty
   Fool                    foolish                                       Storm                        stormy
   Care                   careful                                       Pardon                      pardonable
   Play                    playful                                        Outrage                     outrageous
   Hope                  hopeful                                      Courage                    courageous
   venture               venturesome                            Glory                          glorious

2. Some adjectives are formed from verbs.
   Verb                                Adjective
   Tire                                  tireless
   Talk                                 talkative
   Cease                              ceaseless
   Move                               moveable
3. Some adjectives are formed from other adjectives.
   Adjective                         Adjective
   Tragic                              tragical
   Whole                             wholesome
   Three                               threefold
   Black                               blackish
   White                              whitish
   Sick                                sickly

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