The Adjective And Its Kinds.

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Def---A word used with a noun to describe or point out, the person, animal, place or thing which the noun names, or to tell the number or quantity, is called an Adjective.
Read the following sentences:
1. Sita is a clever girl. (Girl of what kind?)
2. I don't like that boy. (Which boy?)
3. He gave me five mangoes. (How many boys?)
4. There is little time for preparation. (How much time?)
In sentence 1, "clever" shows what kind of girl Sita is; or, in other words, "clever" describes the girl Sita.
In sentence 2, "that", points out which boy is meant?
In sentence 3, "five" shows how many mangoes he gave me?
In sentence 4, "little" shows how much time there is for preparation?
So we may define an Adjective as a word used with a noun to add something for its meaning. [Adjective means added to].

Look at the following sentences:
1. The lazy boy was punished.
2. The boy is lazy.
In sentence 1, the Adjective lazy is used along with the noun boy as an epithet or attribute. It is therefore, said to be used Attributively.
In sentence 2, the adjective lazy is used along with the verb is, and forms part of the Predicate. It is, therefore, said to be used Predicatively.
Some Adjectives can be used only Predicatively;as,
She is afraid of ghosts.
I am quite well.

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